The Magical Piñata

Book & Lyrics by Karen Zacarías
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma
Published by Dramatic Publishing

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A seemingly plain clay pot magically transports Cucha, a selfish and lonely girl, from her small town of “Zapotoco” to a mysterious jungle filled with eccentric characters. Cucha encounters Parrot Rivera, a jungle muralist who paints the future, Señor Chapulin, a soccer star with the heart of the present, and Burro Burrito, a farmer that plows the past. But the evil Monkey King and his silly Sidekick know the clay pot is really a magical piñata and scheme to steal it from her. Through Cucha’s musical journey, she discovers magic in the mundane, cultural pride, and the power of sharing.

“A fun-filled romp that fits the holiday season with lessons for all to treasure and enjoy…filled with powerful messages, marvelous characters, charming music, and dance”- DC Theatre Scene


Imagination Stage, Bethesda, MD
Imagination Stage, Bethesda, MD

The Magical Piñata was commissioned and premiered by Washington DC’s Playwrights Forum and Imagination Stage in 1999, and won the Actors’ Playhouse’s National Children’s Theatre Festival in 2000.

Ruth Diaz and Danie Rodriguez, Keegan Theatre.
Photo Credit: Mike Kozemchak

“I highly recommend this show as a way to take in some culture, escape the madness of the holiday season, and revel in the softer parts of human nature that make life beautiful.” – DCMetroTheaterArts

Musical Numbers


2. LAS MAÑANITAS - Señor Cumpleaños

3. EL BURRO - Burro Burrito

4. SEÑOR CHAPULIN - Señor Chapulin

5. THE MONKEY KING - Monkey King,  Sidekick

6. PARROT RIVERA - Parrot Rivera, Cucha
6. PARROT RIVERA - Parrot Rivera, Cucha

7. DALE! DALE! DALE! - Cucha



Imagination Stage's Deaf Access Company, Bethesda, MD
Imagination Stage’s Deaf Access Company, Bethesda, MD

Production Elements

Danie Rodriguez and Ruth Diaz, Keegan Theatre.
Photo Credit: Mike Kozemchak

Cast: 2 Women, 2 Men, with doubling (or 10 individual characters. Optional Chorus)

ACTOR 1 – Cucha
ACTOR 2 – Grandmother, Sidekick

ACTOR 3 – Kid, Señor Cumpleanos, Burro Burrito, Señor Chapulin, Parrot Rivera
ACTOR 4 – Father, Monkey King

Music: Traditional songs and original music based on traditional Mexican Folk styles, including the Ranchera, Jarocho, Bolero, Corrido & Son Jalisco. Accompaniment tracks available.
Musical Difficulty: Low
Technical Requirements: Minimal
Suggested Audience: Pre-School/Elementary/Families


DEBORAH WICKS LA PUMA (music) – see her bio page


Andres Alejandro and Amanda Leigh Corbett, Keegan Theatre.
Photo Credit: Mike Kozemchak

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