Ella Enchanted

Book & Lyrics by Karen Zacarías
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma
Based on the Newberry Honor book by Gail Carson Levine
Theatrical licensing available by contacting Leah Hamos at the Gersh Agency, NYC.

Upcoming Productions

Ella Enchanted
Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, Bermuda Drive Northwest, Calgary, AB, Canada


Ella of Frell is given the ‘”gift” of obedience by Lucinda, her misguided Fairy Godmother, and is forced to do anything people command her. On her adventure to rid herself of the curse, she must outwit ogres, sidestep giants, befriend a prince, survive her step-family, and ultimately find the power to be her true self.

“ELLA ENCHANTED heroically speaks to the value of words…the battle between saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ wages a magical war…delightful and utterly disarming…A story that gives every child a chance to be heroic every day.” – Broadway World


Lara Zinn and Malinda Reese, Adventure Theatre, Maryland

Winner of the 2018 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Musical Adaptation, Ella Enchanted was co-commissioned by First Stage Milwaukee and Maryland’s Adventure Theatre MTC, premiering in 2016 under the direction of John Maclay in Milwaukee with a large cast of adult and student performers, and at Adventure Theatre under the direction of Mary Hall Surface with a cast of 7.  It has since gone on to enjoy productions around the county, including South Coast Rep, Dobama Theatre, Dallas Children’s Theatre, and Oregon Children’s Theatre.

Arielle Fishman, Caitlyn Calfas, Ann Noble, South Coast Repertory, CA. Photo credit: Debora Robinson/SCR

For licensing inquires, contact Leah Hamos at The Gersh Agency, NYC.

“Like many young women everywhere, the word ‘no’ is not a part of (Ella’s) vocabulary…another moving and delightful First Stage production that carries a profound message wrapped in a story guaranteed to be a fascination to young audience members as well as those who are older and wiser.” – On Milwaukee

Michelle Chin and Company, Childsplay, Arizona. Photo Credit: Tim Trumble

Musical Numbers

1. All Will Be Well Opening - Mother, Lucinda

2. Obey - All
2. Obey - All

3. It’s Like Magic - Ella, Char, Bird/Menagerie
3. It’s Like Magic - Ella, Char, Bird/Menagerie

4. Finish You Off - Manners Mistress, Ella, Hattie, Olive
4. Finish You Off - Manners Mistress, Ella, Hattie, Olive

5. Obey Reprise - Ella

6. Meat and Greet - Ogres, Ella
6. Meat and Greet - Ogres, Ella

7. Giant Wedding Dance - All

8. Oppressive Obey - Ella, Olga, Hattie, Olive

9. It’s Like Magic Reprise - Lucinda, Ella

10. Remember Me - Char, Ella
10. Remember Me - Char, Ella

11. I Say No - Ella

12. All Will Be Well Finale - All


Alison Pogorelc, First Stage, Milwaukee
Aguel Lual and Marcel Daly, The Rose Theatre, Omaha, NE. Photo Credit: Alex Myhre

Audio demo features  Malinda Kathleen Reese (Ella)Caitlyn Calfas (Hattie)Gina D’Acciaro (Mother/Dame Olga),  Justin Figueroa (Char),  Arielle Fishman (Olive), Joel Gelman (Sir Peter), and Erika Whalen Schindele (Lucinda).

Production Elements

L’Oréal Roaché and Alex Harding, Synchronicity Theatre. Photo Credit: Casey Gardner

Cast: 5 Women, 2 Men and Optional Ensemble

Ella – Mezzo
Mother/ Dame Olga – Alto
Lucinda / Bird / Manners Mistress – Soprano
Hattie / Ogre 2 – Mezzo
Olive / Ogre 3 – Mezzo

Prince Charmont – Tenor
Sir Peter / Ogre 1 / Squire – Baritone

Elia Saldana North and Company, South Coast Repertory, CA. Photo credit: Debora Robinson/SCR

Music: Traditional Pop Musical Theatre, scored for Piano, Reed 1 (Flute/Clarinet), Reed 2 (Oboe/Bassoon), Violin, Cello, French Horn, Bass, and Drums. Accompaniment tracks available.

Musical Difficulty: Moderate
Technical Requirements: Intermediate, with potential for puppetry.
Suggested Audience: All ages

“Art, when done right, can change lives, and this piece will be life-changing for so many.” – Arts Atlanta

Lara Zinn, Adventure Theatre, MD


DEBORAH WICKS LA PUMA (music) – see her bio page


For perusal materials and full audio demo contact us via our contact page.

Erika Whalen Schindele, South Coast Repertory, CA. Photo credit: Debora Robinson/SCR

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