The Musical Comedy of a Modern Scherezade

Book & Lyrics by Kathleen Cahill
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma


It is the 1990s. At the little First National Liberty Constitution Bank of Rhode Island, Krista Fay Floeting, assistant to the bank president and fiancée to the loan officer, is depressed. She gets through the day by daydreaming away her own anxieties and suspicions that things may not be right at the bank. Modest Clark Delgato arrives for a meeting. An accountant conducting an external audit, Clark has lost his voice as a stress-reaction to his discovery that the bank has been engaged in fraudulent activities.

The bank’s unscrupulous president, Lloyd Maloney, and his son, Loan officer, Andrew Maloney, lock Krista and Clark in the bank vault while they figure out how to get away with the fifty million they have embezzled. They decide to frame Clark as a dangerous, stop-at-nothing bank robber and Krista as Clark’s former lover and now 50 million dollar hostage.

Trapped in the subterranean world of the vault, with Clark unable to speak the truth about the embezzlement, Krista’s daydreams and fantasies become so vivid that eventually Clark becomes a part of them too.

Meanwhile, in the world outside, an ambitious reporter, Denise Delgado, uses their misfortune as her ticket to fame, and ends up in cohoots with the bad guys to literally “blow this story apart”. But Krista and Clark are saved by Krista’s outrageous imagination when they meet up with Death (disguised as a Hispanic cleaning woman), who helps them escape the vault, the bad guys, and the dangers of their former lives.


Captivated was first created and workshopped at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1993. It later received a staged reading at Signature Theatre’s Stages series in 1995, and in 2005, after significant rewrites based on workshops at American University, and was presented at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theatre at its annual Page to Stage Festival.

Musical Numbers


2. TEN AFTER TEN – Krista, Chorus
2. TEN AFTER TEN – Krista, Chorus

3. ODE TO RHODE – Chorus
3. ODE TO RHODE – Chorus

4. ME AND VAN GOGH – Krista, Chorus

5. OFFICIAL STATEMENT – Maloney, Andrew, Denise, Chorus
5. OFFICIAL STATEMENT – Maloney, Andrew, Denise, Chorus

6. TRICK OF THE HEART – Krista, Andrew
6. TRICK OF THE HEART – Krista, Andrew


8. NINE BEFORE TEN – Maloney, Andrew, Denise

9. DREAM WITH ME – Krista, Clark

Audio recorded live at the 2005 Kennedy Center’s Page to Stage Festival, featuring Sherri Edelen (Krista), Janet Patton (Denise), Michael Sazonov (Andrew), Stephen F. Schmidt (Maloney), and Bobby Smith (Clark).

Production Elements

Cast: 2 Women, 3 Men and Chorus

KRISTA FAY FLOETING – Maloney’s daydreaming assistant (Alto)
DENISE DELGATO- a reporter for Channel 8 news (Alto)

CLARK SMALL – An accountant who has lost his voice
LLOYD MALONEY – President of the bank (Bass/Baritone)
ANDREW MALONEY – Loan officer of the bank and Krista’s fiance (Tenor)

Music: Traditional Musical Theatre
Technical Requirements: Minimal
Musical Difficulty: Intermediate
Suggested Audience: Adults


KATHLEEN CAHILL (Book & Lyrics) – Awards include the Jane Chambers Playwrighting Award (for her musical Dakota Sky) and recently a Jane Chambers Honorable Mention (for her play Charm) two Connecticut Commission on the Arts Playwrighting Awards, a Massachusetts Artists Foundation Award, a Rockefeller Grant, a National Endowment for the Arts New American Works Grant, and a Drama League Award. With composer Michael Wartofsky, she wrote the book and lyrics for The Navigator, a musical about love, history and time, which was recently performed in concert at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Songs from The Navigator were recently heard in New York City at the Miss New York Festival and at Dreamlight Theatre Company’s Bright Lights Showcase at the Triad. (The song All The Possibilities can be heard on the new CD by The Broadway Boys.) With Michael Wartofsky she also wrote Friendship of the Sea that toured for two seasons with the North Shore Music Theatre Educational Outreach Program. With composer Deborah Wicks La Puma, she wrote Dakota Sky about single women homesteaders in the last American land rush (Olney Theatre; Norris Theatre, L.A.). Other musical works include Clara, an opera about Clara Schumann (Maryland Center for the Arts), Water on the Moon with Deborah Wicks La Puma (Voice of America radio play), Fatal Song (Maryland Center for the Performing Arts), and A Tale of Two Cities: Paris and Berlin in the Twenties (Maryland Center for the Performing Arts). Plays include The Still Time(Georgia Rep/ Porchlight Theatre, Chicago) the comedy Women Who Love Science Too Much(Porchlight Theatre), and Henri Louise and Henry (Cleveland Public). Her play Charm was workshopped at the Lark Theatre Playwrights Week, Icicle Creek Theatre Festival, Orlando Shakespeare Playfest 2009, and will receive a workshop production at Orlando Shakespeare in November 2009. Salt Lake Acting Company produced the world premiere of Charm in April 2010. Her screenplay Downtown Express, written for David Grubin Productions, starring the unique singer/songwriter Nellie McKay and the international violin soloist Philippe Quint, is currently in development.

Ms. Cahill received an MFA in Writing for Music-Theatre from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a BA in English Literature from Northeastern University. She works as writer/ senior editor for Masterpiece on PBS, and is currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Theatre at the University of Utah.

DEBORAH WICKS LA PUMA (music) – see her bio page


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